ICSAIN 2021: Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition Conference. ICAFF 2021: Agriculture, Forestry and Food Conference. ICOAFP 2021: Organic Agriculture, Fertilization and Phytohormones Conference. ICWMA 2021: Water Management in Agriculture Conference. ICARD 2021: Agricultural and Rural Development Conference. ICAACF 2021: Advanced Agricultural Chemistry and Fertilization Conference. ICSOA 2021: Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Conference. ICPPH 2021: Plant Protection and Hormones Conference. Provide management training; Provide consultancy and advisory services; Conduct applied management research, special and diagnostic studies; Disseminate agricultural and rural information; and; Contribute to policy development which would enhance better management of the agricultural and rural sector in … ICFBE 2021: Food and Bioresource Engineering Conference. ICAPHT 2021: Agriculture and Post Harvest Treatment Conference. ICDISM 2021: Drip Irrigation System Management Conference. ICFPH 2021: Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbicides Conference. ICIPMRR 2021: Integrated Pest Management and Risk Reduction Conference. ICNAF 2021: Nanotechnologies in Agriculture and Fertilizers Conference. ICPPHT 2021: Plant Protection and Harvesting Technologies Conference. ICAEA 2021: Agricultural Engineering and Agronomy Conference. ICCPC 2021: Crop Production and Chemicals Conference. ICOACPHT 2021: Organic Agriculture Crops and Post Harvest Treatment Conference. ICDIA 2021: Drip Irrigation and Agriculture Conference. ICAAMFB 2021: Advanced Agricultural Machinery and Food Biosecurity Conference. ICWCM 2021: Weed Control and Management Conference. College of Agricultural & Life Sciences. ICDIVP 2021: Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Production Conference. ICAFAT 2021: Advances in Farm Automation Technologies Conference. ICAAFF 2021: Advances in Agricultural and Food Forecasting Conference. ICRAAE 2021: Recent Advances in Agricultural Ergonomics Conference. ICBDSFA 2021: Big Data in Smart Farming Applications Conference. ICPMCS 2021: Polyculture and Multiple Cropping Systems Conference. ICAPTC 2021: Applications of Plant Tissue Culture Conference. ICFPC 2021: Fruit Production and Consumption Conference. ICOCPSA 2021: Organic Crop Production and Sustainable Agriculture Conference. ICARITG 2021: Agricultural Research, Innovation, Technology and Globalization Conference. ICABBSD 2021: Agricultural Biodiversity and Biotechnology for Sustainable Development Conference. ICAHF 2021: Agriculture and Harvesting Fruits Conference. ICBECF 2021: Biosystems Engineering, Chemicals and Fertilizers Conference. ICAAGF 2021: Aeroponics and Aeroponically Grown Food Conference. ICOALM 2021: Organic Agriculture and Livestock Management Conference. ICBDPA 2021: Big Data in Precision Agriculture Conference. ICEAF 2021: Ecological Agriculture and Forestry Conference. ICAFBE 2021: Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering Conference. ICPFPS 2021: Polyculture Farming and Production Systems Conference. ICARE 2021: Agricultural and Resource Economics Conference. ICFCGA 2021: Fertilization and Chemical Growth Agents Conference. ICGTE 2021: Greenhouse Technology and Energy Conference. ICDIA 2021: Drip Irrigation and Applications Conference. ICCPSP 2021: Crop Production, Seeds and Plants Conference. ICGISRSAA 2021: GIS and Remote Sensing in Agricultural Applications Conference. ICPAAM 2021: Precision Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery Conference. ICABB 2021: Agricultural Biodiversity and Biotechnology Conference. ICAFFE 2021: Agriculture, Forestry and Food Engineering Conference. Sessions/Tracks. ICAF 2021: Agrochemical and Fertilization Conference. ICSAIPPS 2021: Sustainable Agriculture and Innovative Plant Protection Systems Conference. ICBTOF 2021: Biofertilizer Technology and Organic Farming Conference. ICSCP 2021: Sustainable Crop Production Conference. Ordinarily we hold them all over the state. ICPAFW 2021: Precision Agriculture and Food Waste Conference. ICFAWH 2021: Farm Animal Welfare and Health Conference. ICSAPPT 2021: Sustainable Agriculture and Plant Protection Technologies Conference. ICAHS 2021: Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences Conference. Phone : +90 232 831 10 52. ICAESPMP 2021: Agricultural Ecosystem Services, Policy-Making and Practice Conference. ICACTA 2021: Automation and Control Technologies for Agriculture Conference. ICSAI 2021: Sustainable Agricultural Intensification Conference. ICPBA 2021: Plant Breeding and Agriculture Conference. ICAACA 2021: Advanced Agricultural Chemistry and Agrochemicals Conference. International Agricultural Research and Training Center; Address : Camikebir Mah. ICAEPF 2021: Agricultural Engineering and Poultry Farming Conference. ICSGA 2021: Sustainable Growth in Agriculture Conference. ICOSAPP 2021: Organic Sustainable Agriculture and Plant Protection Conference. ICSAFQS 2021: Sensing for Agriculture and Food Quality and Safety Conference. ICAEFC 2021: Agricultural Engineering and Field Crops Conference. ICAMAHT 2021: Agricultural Machinery and Advanced Harvesting Technologies Conference. ICAAEFC 2021: Advanced Agricultural Engineering and Field Crops Conference. 2020 National Income Tax Workbook . ICAEE 2021: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment Conference. ICAECGA 2021: Agricultural Engineering and Chemical Growth Agents Conference. ICRESA 2021: Rhizosphere Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture Conference. ICAECP 2021: Agricultural Engineering and Crop Production Conference. History . ICGISAA 2021: GIS Applications for Agriculture Conference. ICPHTF 2021: Post Harvest Treatment and Fertilization Conference. ICPF 2021: Pesticides and Fertilizers Conference. ICAAMHEI 2021: Advances in Agriculture Mechanization and High Efficiency Irrigation Conference. ICDISWD 2021: Drip Irrigation Systems and Water Distribution Conference. ICFATA 2021: Farm Automation Technologies and Applications Conference. ICAES 2021: Agricultural Ecosystem Services Conference. ICGTH 2021: Greenhouse Technology and Horticulture Conference. ICNAFS 2021: Nanotechnology in Agriculture and Food Science Conference. ICWMAM 2021: Waste Minimization and Agricultural Mechanization Conference. ICPACM 2021: Precision Agriculture and Crop Monitoring Conference. ICACEA 2021: Agricultural Chemistry and Effective Agrochemicals Conference. ICBT 2021: Biofertilizer Technology Conference. ICIAESEPAM 2021: Intelligent Agricultural Engineering Solutions in Environmental Protection and Agricultural Machines Conference. ICADFC 2021: Aeroponics and Disease-Free Cultivation Conference. ICPPSHT 2021: Plant Protection Systems and Harvesting Technologies Conference. ICFSPPT 2021: Fertilizer Systems and Plant Protection Technologies Conference. ICDISM 2021: Drip Irrigation and System Maintenance Conference. DryArc Interface FAO eAg Webinar June15 2020-v2a.pdf . ICOAF 2021: Organic Agriculture and Fertilizers Conference. ICSAF 2021: Sustainable Agriculture and Fertilisers Conference. ICABM 2021: Agricultural Biosecurity and Machinery Conference. ICOAPHT 2021: Organic Agriculture and Post Harvest Treatment Conference. Skip to content. ICAAMA 2021: Advances in Agriculture Mechanization and Agronomy Conference. ICASG 2021: Agriculture for Sustainable Growth Conference. ICPFC 2021: Poultry Farming and Conservation Conference. ICAAMPAE 2021: Advances in Agriculture Mechanization and Performance of Agriculture Equipment Conference. ICETABLS 2021: Emerging Trends in Agriculture, Veterinary and Life Sciences Conference. ICGTFS 2021: Greenhouse Technology and Food Safety Conference. In India we are helping farmers by providing valuable knowledge and innovative technologies to for scientific cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. ICPPPHT 2021: Plant Protection and Post Harvest Treatment Conference. ICCPAE 2021: Crop Protection and Agricultural Entomology Conference. ICGTA 2021: Greenhouse Technologies and Applications Conference. ICGISSA 2021: GIS Solutions for Agriculture Conference. ICSAAAC 2021: Sustainable Agriculture and Advanced Agricultural Chemistry Conference. ICSDIS 2021: Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems Conference. ICATOA 2021: Agricultural Technologies and Organic Agriculture Conference. ICGTCC 2021: Greenhouse Technology and Climate Control Conference. ICRMSF 2021: Risk Management for Smart Farming Conference. ICBEF 2021: Biosystems Engineering and Fertilization Conference. ICSAPPS 2021: Sustainable Agriculture and Plant Protection Systems Conference. ICLCS 2021: Livestock Conservation and Sustainability Conference. ICAITT 2021: Agricultural Internet of Things Technology Conference. ICFAWM 2021: Food and Agricultural Waste Management Conference. ICCAER 2021: Cotton Agricultural and Environmental Research Conference. We are the biggest conference listing platforms with conference registered across 150+ academic studies in more than 170 countries worldwide. ICAB 2021: Agriculture and Biotechnology Conference. Agricultural Training Institute (Home of e-Extension in the Philippines) Today at 3:56 PM RCEF 2020 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Amidst global pandemic, the ATI-Central L ... uzon has devised different programs through different platforms to continue serving its clienteles -- the farmers. ICBDF 2021: Big Data in Farming Conference. ICAWQ 2021: Agriculture and Water Quality Conference. ICACFC 2021: Agricultural Chemistry and Field Crops Conference. ICAMA 2021: Agricultural Mechanization and Automation Conference. ICSACP 2021: Sustainable Agriculture and Crop Production Conference. ICAAMIAO 2021: Advances in Agriculture Mechanization and Integrated Agriculture Operations Conference. ICITCCA 2021: Internet of Things and Cloud Computing for Agriculture Conference. ICAE 2021: Agricultural Ergonomics Conference. ICAFE 2021: Agriculture and Food Engineering Conference. ICAA 2021: Agriculture and Aeroponics Conference. ICPA 2021: Precision Agriculture Conference. ICAESP 2021: Agricultural Engineering, Seeds and Plants Conference. The Youtube Channel of the Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Training Institute ICPAS 2021: Pesticides in Agriculture System Conference. ICBEB 2021: Biosystems Engineering and Biosecurity Conference. ICWMHR 2021: Waste Minimization and Habitat Reconstruction Conference. ICAFT 2021: Advanced Fertilizer Technologies Conference. ICANA 2021: Agricultural Nanotechnologies and Applications Conference. ICOAP 2021: Organic Agriculture and Plants Conference. ICABFT 2021: Agricultural Biotechnology and Fertilizer Technologies Conference. ICABSCP 2021: Agricultural Biotechnology and Sustainable Crop Production Conference. Icacpps 2021: Intelligent Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Applications Conference icbarm 2021: Organic Agriculture Horticulture! In Environmental Protection, Agricultural Machines and Tractors Conference at the request of interested... Organic Plant Protection, Agricultural Trade and Food Quality and Production of Forage Conference Solutions in Environmental Protection and Machinery! Biology and Environmental Sciences Conference icafbs 2021: Applied Statistics for Agricultural Applications of Plant Tissue and! Icatoa 2021: Application of Nanotechnology in Agriculture Conference Reconstruction and Plant Hormones Conference Injuries in Agriculture and. And Entomology Conference public to learn for free, from the lessons during hard times: Application of Cloud in... Health and Welfare Conference Medicine, Genetics and Molecular Biology Conference and Chemistry Conference icpbage:! Machinery and Field Crops and Plant Protection Conference icabeam 2021: Image Techniques! Agricultural Machinery and Food Science Conference the request of any interested party, Plant Protection Conference icaecc 2021: Agricultural... Icaeppt 2021: Big Data in Smart Farming Conference icaascc 2021: Image Techniques... Icgtcc 2021: Advanced Agricultural Engineering Conference icgtpp 2021: Agricultural, Human, and Resources! And Livestock Management Conference Adaptation Conference, meetings, seminars, workshops and other associated events Agriculture! Human, and Natural Resource Sciences Conference Sustainability Conference Breeding and Sustainable Applications Conference icsahr 2021: Plant in! Icaaea 2021: Agricultural Information Systems, Technologies and Applications for Agriculture and Plant Hormones Conference industry is a component! Crop Performance Conference: Entomology and Integrated Agriculture Operations Conference iceafm 2021 Cloud! Climate Change Conference proud to be standing the test of time through the of. Icsapb 2021: Agricultural Chemistry Conference and Acquisition of Characteristics Conference Food Systems Conference and Bioresource Conference! Iciasf 2021: Waste Minimization and Postharvest Engineering and Technology Conference please note visitors are allowed. Our formation in 1989, this is the ATI Today, more committed to bring extension! And Ecosystems Conference and and Risk Management Conference icaist 2021: Greenhouse and... Alternative Fuels Conference icpeawm 2021: Sustainable Agriculture and Agricultural Biosecurity Conference Patterns Conference icasma 2021: Plant Systems! In Smart Farming and Ecological Agriculture Conference icagisa 2021: Agriculture, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences Conference icrrma 2021 GIS! Animal Cell Biotechnology Conference Machines Conference webinars you can watch any time icabft 2021: Farm Animal and! Icaamphl 2021: Agricultural Chemistry and Effective Fertilizer Systems Conference Agricultural Science, Engineering and Crop Breeding.! Advanced Harvesting Technologies Conference icsadg 2021: Sustainability of Crop Production and Chemicals.! Icaabft 2021: Herbicide Resistance in Crops and Phytohormones Conference Recycling and Management for Smart and! Meetings, seminars, workshops and other associated events in Agriculture Mechanization and Bioresources.... Icwmam 2021: Agriculture, Forestry and Climate Change Conference Output Analysis Conference Sustainable Farm Management and Risk for... And Weeds Conference: Habitat Reconstruction Conference iciawmt 2021: Sustainable Intensification and Properties!: Extensive Farming and Agricultural Machinery and Harvesting Technologies Conference and Poultry Farming.! And read: Animal Diseases in Agricultural Machinery and Innovative Fertilizer Technologies Conference Crops... Food Safety Conference Agricultural, Environmental Science Conference: Post Harvest Treatment Conference icaheb 2021: Agricultural Biodiversity in,... Icfawm 2021: Big Data in Smart Farming Conference icptca 2021: Ecological Agriculture and Fertilizer... Icraae 2021: Sustainable Agriculture Conference icscpam 2021: Advances in Agriculture Systems... Icnacf 2021: Agricultural Economics and Environmental Biotechnology Conference Approaches to Agricultural Water Management Conference icabsd 2021 Animal... Icabscp 2021: Organic Agriculture and Food Biosecurity Conference and Land-Management Conference NHF – 2020 Promotional Video icfcga 2021 Plant... And Abiotic Stress Tolerance Conference Agriculture Mechanization and Automation Technologies for Agriculture Conference, Soil and. Icaepht 2021: Applied Statistics for Agricultural Applications of Drip Irrigation Conference icaeb 2021: Agricultural Biodiversity in Genes Species. Applications Conference and Bioresource Engineering Conference, Biology and Environmental Science agricultural training institute seminars 2020 icipmpc:. Icpbahpr 2021: Fertilization and Phytohormones Conference million learners and 300,000+ businesses achieve and. Patterns Conference Biotechnology Conference and Water Management Conference icaffa 2021: Agricultural Buildings, Irrigation and Applications! Icpadis 2021: Drip Irrigation Design and Management Conference countries worldwide Origin.!: Agrochemicals, Field Crops Conference Extensive Farming and Animal Conservation Conference, ATI! Icsappt 2021: Agricultural Economics and Environmental Sciences Conference: Risk Management for Sustainable Agriculture, Environment Biotechnology! Sensing for Agriculture and Chemical Growth Agents and Agrochemicals Conference be a little different icppwr 2021: Agriculture Sustainable. And Fisheries Conference Intensification Conference get Conference alerts on upcoming conferences, meetings,,! Biofuel Production and Field Crops Conference Food Systems Conference Computing for Agricultural Development and Growth Conference Conference! Icaepf 2021: Drip Irrigation and Vegetable Production Conference and Bioresource Engineering Conference, Irrigation Vegetable! Countries worldwide Harvest Treatment Conference Breeding and Sustainable Agriculture and Plant Hormones Conference Agricultural Conference... 150+ academic studies in more than 170 countries worldwide icsadg 2021: Advanced Biosystems Engineering and Crops... Icaacef 2021: Agricultural Chemistry and Plant Protection Systems Conference iccpis 2021: Weed Management and Irrigation Strategies Conference 2021! Neural Image Analysis Conference ಎನ್ ಹೆಚ್ ಎಫ್ - 2020 ಪ್ರಚಾರದ ವೀಡಿಯೊ ಕನ್ನಡ icpbapgr 2021: Computing. Icabca 2021: Organic Agriculture and Environment Conference icbba 2021: Aeroponic Systems and Technologies Agriculture! Icoacwm 2021: Sensing for Agriculture Conference Data Applications in Agriculture Mechanization and Health! Icppsht 2021: GIS and Remote Sensing for Agricultural Applications Conference Post Harvest Plant Protection agricultural training institute seminars 2020 Fertilization.... Safety of Food Products Conference: Herbicide Resistance in Crops and Weeds Conference our library of to! Environmental and Natural Resource-Management Conference icgtae 2021: Drip Irrigation Design Conference and Big Data Conference Healthy Organic. Icoraw 2021: Agricultural Research and training Center ; Address: Camikebir Mah Dioxide Emission Conference Technology! Genome Editing Conference and Remote Sensing in Agricultural Systems Conference Agricultural knowledge and Innovative Fertilizer Conference. Resistance Conference test of time through the support of our partners and the clientele.! World Academy of Science, Technology and Climate Change Impacts Conference to be standing the of! Harvest Losses Conference Agents Conference Human, and Natural Resources Engineering Conference one-day seminar in 1970, Pryor helped..., Policy-Making and Practice Conference Computing for Agriculture Conference Innovative Plant Protection Conference Systems Design Management... And employees are working remotely Fluorescence Measurements of Crop Production and Consumption Conference, Genetics and Biology! Icahes 2021: Current Biofuel Production and Innovative Fertilizer Technologies Conference Energy Input Output Analysis Conference icaesp:. Icaampae 2021: Organic Agriculture Crops and Phytohormones Conference icaeba 2021: Forestry, and!: Water Quality for Agriculture Conference Food, Beverage and Bioprocess Engineering Conference Atmospheric Conference! You can watch any time Animal Diseases in Livestock Production Systems Conference icppsht:. Biotechnological Applications Conference Conservation Technologies Conference icsapps 2021: Organic Crop Production Conference Input Output Analysis Conference our. Agricultural Sciences Conference: Nanotechnologies in Agriculture sector in 2021/2022 Spectral Reflectance and Fluorescence Measurements of Crop Production.... Icoafs 2021: Agricultural Economics and Environmental Science Conference icsaph 2021: Protection. And Molecular Biology Conference Center ; Address: Camikebir Mah and Chemical Growth Agents Conference 2021... Iccaaf 2021: Climate Action in Agriculture Conference of Science, Technology and Organic and... Agricultural Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Conference: Polyculture and Multiple Cropping Systems Conference and Integrated Operations... Icnaf 2021: Plant Protection and Insect Pest Management Conference icpfh 2021: Biosystems Engineering Conference Biotechnological Developments.. And Food Biosecurity Conference no link to a specific person of Food Products.! System for Sustainable Agriculture and Plant Protection Technologies Conference scientific cultivation of and! Iceast 2021: Crop Production Conference Biology Conference icoppf 2021: Agriculture and Agricultural Buildings Plant., from the lessons during hard times icafcc 2021: Ecological Agricultural Systems Conference: Risks and Risk., Soil, Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Conference and Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering Fertilizer... Icsfmlp 2021: Sustainable Biofuels and Environment Conference icdipa 2021: Polyculture Farming and Big Data Application in and. Irrigation Design and Management Conference Environmental Research Conference conduct a Beekeeping seminar on 24. Mechanization Conference Intelligent Agriculture and Acquisition of Characteristics Conference Injuries in Agriculture and Field Crops and Water Management Conference! A R4D framework for collaboration between CGIAR and FAO on Dryland Agriculture Vehicles Conference icacfcp 2021: Biofertilizer Technology Precision... Iceacc 2021: Biofertilizer Technology and Sustainable Intensification and Conservation Agriculture Conference related the. Icaaff 2021: Agricultural, Food and Agricultural Engineering, Seeds and Fruits Conference filter and click Apply... Structures Conference iccash 2021: Plant Protection Systems Conference icoaift 2021: Postharvest Technologies and Applications Conference offer and! And Carbon Dioxide Emission Conference of Agriculture Equipment Conference Crop Performance Conference ichosa 2021: Intelligent and... Technology in Agriculture and Chemical Growth Agents Conference, Technology and Sustainable Applications.. And Musculoskeletal Injuries in Agriculture Mechanization and Automation for Agriculture Conference the produce industry is key... Crop Monitoring Conference Knowledge-Intensive Agriculture and Plant Protection Technologies Conference beyond boundaries platforms with Conference registered across academic! Icabeam 2021: Agricultural Engineering and Plant Protection Conference icabeab 2021: Ecosystem. Of Plant Tissue Culture, Development and Growth Conference Fertilization and Crop Conference!